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tv   WBTV News 3 at 5PM  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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wind-chills -5 to -15. down to 29 there. we are only getting colder over the weekend. bundle up this evening. 34 at 9:00 and 33 at 11:00. lyndsay tapases has a longer look at the potential president's day storm coming up. let's take it over to lyndsay. >> with all that cold air in place by first thing monday morning with the storm moving in it looks like it begins as a little bit of snow for everyone by first thing on monday morning. then we are going to see a transition to sleet and probably a little bit of freezing rain before this changes over to all rain. again, outside of the mountains by the later part of the day on monday. your time stamp through the mid-morning hours starting to see more pink outside of the mountains indicating more ice than snow and finally, as we keep this clock rolling for you by as early as the afternoon on monday could be as late as monday evening for charlotte, we
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this is 6:00 here. and then it's going to be rain outside of the mountains that will take this thing home for us monday night and into tuesday morning. eric will have more how much we are expecting as an early look right now at potential snow and ice accumulations coming up in the complete first alert forecast. >> the snow is welcome sight for the folks in the north carolina mountains especially the business owners. here is sugar mountain ski resort. we saw quite a few people and we see a few enjoying the day on the slopes with fresh powder. kristen hampton spoke with business owners there today and joins us live to continue our coverage and december they were concerned because they were not getting much snow. will this round help them bounce back? >> paul, that a great question and to answer it, you have to consider just how many months they have been aching for snow or colder weather up here. normally around november the ski slopes open up and the
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make the snow. but we went through much of january with unseasonable high temperatures and it made the snow making impossible. today stores and slopes were packed with people getting in on the fresh powder. today in particular makes for great skiing weather. not only is it snowing but it's not too cold yet. i asked business owners if the few weeks of winter weather will put a dent in what they have missed out on this year? >> it's going great. a lot of snow, cold weather has been around and we've had two big snowfalls so it's been awesome. >> a lot of sales? is there a chance to makeup for what we've missed? >> a chance moving forward, how about that? are going to get. a lot depends how long the weather wants to stick around. not sure it can makeup for all of the loss here but certainly
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and speaking of snow and colder weather the temperatures are good but they are dropping quickly on beech mountain it was decent when i was there. now the temperatures are supposed to drop into the teens and the single-digits overnight. along with that wind-chill you heard eric talking about it will make for still good skiing weather but bundle up with an extra, extra layer. kristen hampton wbtv on your side. >> and we have cold temperatures here in the queen city. and it's not a great day to go without powerment sky3 was over the screen of this crash in beech-nut road 'hour ago this truck hit a power pole leaving 1,000 people without power. this is a live look at the scene right now as crews work to repair the pole. duke energy says it will take three hours to finish the repairs here. many of you saw snow flurries in charlotte this is
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ncdot and c dot laid out plans to keep you safe as we prepare for more snow, rain and possible freezing rain. steve crump joins us live to continue our coverage. steve how are the conditions looking around charlotte tonight? >> well, maureen, everything looks good. you talked about north carolina dot and c dot they are in a wait-and-see mode. we are live along wilkinson boulevard. better known as u.s. 74. and the word we are getting from charlotte dot is that some streets have already been prepped with a brine solution and we noticed there are trucks that are on stand by and ready to roll. the north carolina department of transportation alerted some independent contractors and in the case of the city of charlotte, the work has started in taking care of bridges, overpasses and places that tend to freeze first.
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we are going to wait until this storm gets closer then we'll step back and evaluate how do we need to tackle it? >> and tonight at 6:00 we look at the numbers what is taken to keep our streets and roads clear this winter. in the case of north carolina department of transportation it runs into the tens of millions of dollars. we will have the suspects in an hour from now. live on wilkinson boulevard steve crump wbtv on your side. >> all right. see you at 6:00. and track the weather and get the latest alerts right on your smartphone or tablet. download the free wbtv weather app. >> and second officer-involved shooting in catawba county in two days. a man was shot in the hand after he pointed a shotgun at a catawba county deputy. sky3 over the scene about 2:00 p.m. the deputy was reportedly serving a warrant when the shooting happened. the deputy was not hit.
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>> right now, a man was shot dead by police after he lunged at officers with a knife. but friends say he wouldn't hurt anyone and should not have been killed. the incident happened last night on old park road in maiden. pamela escobar spoke with people inside the house at the time of that shooting. pamela joins us live with morement and i understand police just released the names of the officers involved? >> yeah, maureen. the police chief released the names of the officers of the they are sergeant jason wagner who has been on the force for 12 years. and the other is officer mike painer on the force for 14 years. friends on old park road say thursday night jackson was visiting his brother when he went inside a bathroom at this home. >> not good. not good. he lost his brother and he doesn't think he should have. and he shouldn't have. he should not have lost his brother last night. >> they found jackson barricaded
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>> he had a knife and was covered in blood. they gave him commands at which time he lunged towards the officers making a slashing motion and the officers fired on the subject which time he fell. >> people zajac son needed help. >> he was scary. >> some friends understand why police reacted the way they did and others do not. >> we did not call 9-1-1 so a man was killed in our house last night. we are hoping that they could help us in the situation with a man who has a mental health disability that we knew about that we stated to them that he had. >> joshua brook says police should have used a taser to restrain him not a gun. >> how many more stories are we going to have to watch like this before somebody stands up and says don't use your weapon first. >> the police chief says this was a tragic event. brooks says he wishes no one in
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>> i'm hoping his family will understand there was nothing mall state house done by us we were trying to help and we are so sorry and our prayers are with them. sbi is conducting the investigation and once they complete the report they hand it over to the catawba county district attorney's office and up to prosecutors to decide or determine if any charges will be brought in this case. live here in maiden, pamela escobar wbtv on your side. >> and thank you. as standard procedure the two officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave for the investigation. >> the battle for presidential nomination headed to the palmetto state with more than a week to go for the primaries they are making pitches to reporters. donald trump leads among south carolina voters. runner-up ted cruz.
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get out of the vote effort and working to get major support from christians who makeup 65% of south carolina voters. >> how important is the evangelical vote in south carolina? >> well it is a very large portion of the republican electorate. it's quite diverse. >> the candidates will make their pitch to voters on a cbs news debate tomorrow night. you can watch it live starting at 9:00 p.m. here on wbtv. >> right now, republican candidate john kasich is holding a rally. alex giles is live in the alert center with more. >> guys look at this live picture happening right now. kasich is at a rally in columbia, south carolina. our sister station wis reports that he spent the day campaigning, addressing a group of business leaders. and presidential candidates hillary clinton, jeb bush also in south carolina right now. and as you mentioned they will
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other in the debate on cbs. >> all right, thank you for that. >> it is time to check on the roads here is tonya rivens. >> paul, your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. let's check in wendover road before monroe road the two left lanes blocked. randolph road is a great alternate route. and independence boulevard is not too bad. a little congestion around albemarle road. and also on albemarle road speaking of that a stranded motorist by w.t. harris at regal oaks drive and that accident at wendover you can see a busy in that area. i understand it's starting to clear out as we check in on the dot camera a look atal matter by independence and slow-moving traffic eastbound which is typical for this time of day. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you. we are on your side monitoring a storm system that could bring more snow along with freezing rain in some of our neighborhoods. >> here we go again. chief meterologist, eric thomas has been keeping a close eye on
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>> looks like a bonanza for the skiers but could be a mess for everybody including the mountains monday. i will break it down who is going to see the snow and the freezing rain and a lot of heavy rain part of your seven-day first-alert forecast. >> plus why clicking the internet explorer icon to access the internet on your pc could
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what you need to know, next. many of you have been sharing your videos on social media. joanne tweeted out this photo of snow falling in rock hill. look at this photo in king's mountainment and this was shared
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mill tweeted out this picture of snow outside of town hall. >> if you conflict. >> internet explorer on your pc to hop on to the internet you need to prepare yourself to find another way to go on-line. at least if you want to be sure that you are browsing safely. our investigator kristen miranda explains. >> here is the deal. microsoft has stopped supporting internet explorer 8 and 9 and 10. our cybersecurity expert says there will not be security updates and upgrade to internet explorer 11. >> i know it sounds like a pain to update but they are not going to add new security features. i do not want anyone surfing the net on the outdated browsers.
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upgrade. >> not true. in fact it is easy to keep your book marksment make sure you have other browsers, chrome, firefox, it's good to have a backup anyway. then before you up great your explorer go into the menu and export your book marks to one of the other browsers. once you have internet explorer 11 you can bring them in. it is a couple of mouse clicks i put the details on it is there for you right now. now your word of the week it is grid strike. >> in this example hackers figured out using open source information freely available on the internet how to take a substation off line. the good news these were ethical hackers and shared the information from project grid strike. your word of the week with the energy utility companies so hopefully they will take note
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>> always better when the good guys find the flaws first. kristen miranda wbtv on your side. >> indeed. thank you. time for a check on the friday check here is tonya rivens in the first alert traffic center. >> thank you. and your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check i-85 and bruton smith boulevard we have problems in cabarrus county. and we don't have the dot camera to pick up the situation on i-85 northbound towards kannapolis. it's i-85 between poplar tent and george lyles parkway an accident with a lane closure. avoid this area that right center lane is blocked due to an accident and the volume we can see how it's starting to build. highway 73 is another alternate route to get around that but avoid the area. closer headed north a road back to you. >> thank you. boy, what a day we've had today. >> saw the snowflakes and this
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>> absolutely. and now we have to get the cold left. the high was 37. >> where did it go? >> it will be colder as we take you into the weekend time-frame. there it is one last look. the snow is of monthing out. and what is moving in? cold air. how about wind-chills -5 to -15. this is for tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night. if you are skiing be careful. make sure you bundle up. the hd towercam, yeah, we had clouds most of the day and that limited the sun and we fell short of 40. we thought we would get into the low 40s. calm winds not a lot of wind-chill in the greater charlotte area but the future-cast snow showing up here across the mountains and that through the 11:00 p.m. hour. so the numbers again they will be slowly coming down and they do not need to fall any further. we are cold outside. 35 in charlotte into the 20s and that by 11:00 p.m. up in the mountains. and then threatening
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in the high country we take it down to the low 20s around charlotte. 23 we'll call it your 8:00 a.m. number. hopefully you can sleep in. these guys are not sleeping in. yeah, look at that front. snow, yeah, already on the ground and then the frigid conditions up in the high country. the rest of the day, 31 still below freezing. around the noon hour and most of the day we will spend in the 30s. maybe we clip 40 . and then we take you into the sunday weather map. here we go. yep, that storm system on the way and it looks impressive. let's break it down. again with all of this working our way monday morning here is is the cool air and that will start us off with snow and ice you see the stripe there? that is the freezing mark and once it lifts north and you see rain creeping in in charlotte but it's freezing rain and sleet to the north and snow for the longest stretch up across the mountains and that trend
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hours. here is another look at it. we start off at 6:00 a.m. here we go. through the morning hours. now you see what happens? this is the atmosphere. this is the ground. and this is about 5,000 feet and 10,000 feet. this is warm air coming in. see that right there? 5,000 feet. what happens is, well, you have this snow right at the beginning. and then what happens you get that little bit of warm air and the snow melts, refreezes, sleet. ok? then it gets wider the snow melts, it doesn't have time to refreeze until it hits the ground now you have the freezing rain and then it's warm all the way down to the surface so you have the rain. so that is why we do not think we will see a lot of snow out of this as we take you through that monday time-frame. maybe an inch near charlotte. 1-3 into the foothills and the
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nice weekend and after that here comes the big mess, the messy monday with that 90% chance. and after that, it will be rain as we take you into the tuesday time-frame and can you believe it? we will be near 60 by the end of next week. wow. back to the studio. >> thank you. next, a man wanted for sex crimes against a child skips town how police need your help to put him behind bars. >> and dozens of children develop a rash at school. we go to school leaders to find out how it happened and how they are responding tonight.
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that is >> announcer: wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now. >> new at 5:00 a man wanted for sexually assaulting a child is on the run and could be anywhere. that is why police need your help. >> first snow in charlotte one system moved through and another is brewing. we are tracking the potential of winter weather. welcome to wbtv news i'm molly grantham. >> i'm jamie boll. before we get snow we are going to get bitter cold temperatures as well. here is a look at the power radar and you can see that snow we saw today is along the coast. but not before it dumped snow in
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sugar mountain's website and you can see plenty of snow on the ground right now. lyndsay tapases on your side in the first alert weather center. and a lot could happen here. >> we have got the cold in place behind that snow from today. so the temperatures are holding tight in the mid-30s for most of us. upper 20s in boone and they will fall into the lower 20s overnight. 23 tonight in charlotte. and in the mountains you will get down close to the single-digits around 11 in boone for overnight. in the short-term yes, it is' the cold for us for the weekend. look at the temperatures we are anticipating for highs saturday and sunday. 15 is going to be your morning low on sunday. and we'll touch on the monday storm that is rolling in again with that cold air in place which is why it does looks like this begins as snow everywhere by day break on monday morning


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